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I have been grinding on this one for a while.  How we judge others for their coping methods.  How a successful use of modern medicine can be viewed as a failure.

Taking SSRI’s is not ideal, of course.  In an ideal world, I could ease into the day with some yoga and meditation, but there are three children that need sorting out before I can even drink a hot beverage.  In better circumstances I could take an extra long shower and belt out songs before cycling leisurely to the park to read and boost my spirits.  But again, life gets in the way.  Maybe one day I won’t need to take my sertraline.  It won’t be this week, maybe not even this year.  There’s too much at stake.  The looming of medicinal marijuana in the UK is a glimmer of hope that I may get off the pills, but until then I am happy to take the help.  We can’t all ohm it away, some of our brain’s need a chemical shortcut, and that’s okay.



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Sertraline – A life sentence or a salvation?

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It’s Been A While – what even is this?

Having a look at this lil blog, it lacks focus, direction. Cue Arnie saying “You lack discipline.”  He would be right too, i totally do.


So there has been gardening, short stories, political rants and social media ranting. I guess I could still do those, but thinking of adding some spoken word, music videos and reviews.

Still, it’s good to have a working desktop again, I find it hard blogging from a phone, the photo editing limits me and I just don’t feel as motivated on it to be honest.


Look forward to boring you all again 🙂


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And now for some poly ticks?

So the UUP have decided to resign from Stormont and try and overthrow the government with a new one. This is because they don’t trust Sinn Fein. May I just say, what is new? Their trust issue is a personal problem, and if Sinn Fein had kicked their toys out of the pram every time Mike Nesbitt and his party did something untrustworthy then they’d not have managed to get as far as they have.  I’m one of many in “our wee country” (or the top half of it anyway) who feel that this is all just smoke and mirrors.  The clampetts on the hill are so bogged down in ridiculous issues like flags, marches and tire burning that our health and education systems suffer, our Arts funding is being severed left right and centre and poverty and homelessness are high.  

For the record, I don’t trust Mike Nesbitt.  He sat there on UTV for years making us all believe he was a fair and impartial reporter, with a kind smile and eyes, not like today’s bile and lies. 

So get on with your work lads, and less of the shit.  There are ex loyalist gunmen killing ex loyalist gunmen, just like there are ex republican gunmen doin the same.  Everyone is now afraid that they will be touted on, so sadly this will become routine in the wake of people being pulled up on charges from the past. If the politicians could grow up and deal with our flailing societal infrastructures then perhaps we could even prevent some of these tragedies. Less whataboutery, more getsometthingdone-ery? 


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My five year old orchid ladies 

My five year old orchid ladies 


              These are my ladies of the manor, and I was blessed this year to have the first bud open to bloom on my Summer Solstice birthday on 21st of June. Again, mum left this plant here when she moved as orchids are known to be territorial and she is around five years old now, I think the success is giving her pride of place, the same place, rarely water it and let the roots near steam… These girls live in the kitchen.  This years blooms I named Jessica, daphne, Lily (go figure), Jessica, Kate and Mabel 😉 yes, I am crazy like that! Here are a few pics of them in their glory, this particular type is the flying bird orchid, as the inside resembles a white doves head drinking nectar from the yellow and pink speckled ovaries of the flower! I suppose that’s their female human equivalent.  I am entranced by the blooming process and I compare it to my own labour experience when I did it naturally.  Enjoy.  







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Yellow roses of Twinbrook

Yellow roses of Twinbrook

these are my mums roses originally, but this year I didn’t use aphid spray I took a lot of care just squishing them off the buds and checking daily for more, I feel it’s really made a difference to their bloom. The first opened 1st July last week  


 can not wait to see the rest. Any of your rose tips welcomed!  


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As June ends and the roses approach

a little garden update.  

The peas are flowering now and what I thought was broccoli was a cheeky weed in disguise! Rocket thriving also and so delicious and peppery in salads

The sage patch is scattered wih these beautiful purple sage flowers and the smell of the abundance of lemon balm is so calming.our son didn’t believe me when I told him our roses would be yellow. I can’t wait for them to burst, victory over the aphids I’ve been removing wiith my thumb and forefinger as needed!Aloe in their own personal jam jar ‘greenhouses’. In other news, my five year old orchid bloomed for my birthday on the summer solstice. Pics of the lady blooms coming soon. Life’s a garden, dig it!


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